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GAMSAT Practice Test and Preparation

Gamsat practice testA gamsat practice test can make all the difference between getting into UNI and not getting in. So you’re completely set on going to medical school and want to take a GAMSAT, here’s what we recommend you do in order to make sure things go smoothly. Firstly, even before planning what you’re studying please perform a SWOT analysis on yourself, if you don’t know what that means, basically write your pros and cons as a student, this is crucial as it will help you see where you most lack and you can use that to obtain a higher score on the text. This is a complete GAMSAT Practice Test and solutions are included, it is also divided into 3 sections, so you can complete the practice test and see where you failed, giving you a bit of leeway to practice even more. The thing is, usually GAMSAT practice tests don’t have questions that are similar to the real thing, and they often have questions that have nothing to do with the 3 sections. One such gamsat practice tests provider is There’s plenty of companies that offer GAMSAT practice tests but they’re overall low quality and don’t contain that much material, there’s also another factor to consider in all of the, the GAMSAT practice test is not a knowledge test! It’s an exam that will test your reasoning not your intelligence, most practice tests out there do just that, test your intelligence, that won’t get you far though.

What Does The GAMSAT Practice Test Contain ?

GAMSAT Practice TestsNow there’s a better deal out there, the Full GAMSAT Practice test, contains more than 150 questions divided into the sections, and they’re real questions that have showed up on previous GAMSAT exams, so you’re guaranteed that at least one of them shows up when you sit it out. There’s 75 questions for the first section alone, you can attempt all of them in a row and then see the score, make a comparison between how much score you need to enter any university of your choosing and what you actually scored on the practice test, each question not only comes with the solution but an explanation as to how you get to that answer. Section 2 only has 2 questions but they’re quite a doozy, you have to write an essay for both Task A and Task B, the essay has themes that you need to cover, themes that have showed up on previous GAMSATs, you can also receive criticism on your work and an estimated score. Making it the fastest way to test section 2 and see what you’d get if it
were the real deal. Section 3 has the most questions out of all of them, with 110. These questions are divided into parts, 40% of them could be related to biology, and then 20% for the rest, also known as Physics, Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry, exactly like the real thing. Again all sections come with solutions and you also have the option to receive feedback to improve your score even more.

What Were GAMSAT Practice Tests Developed For ?

GAMSAT was developed by the Australian council in betterment of ACER, or Educational Research, in conjunction with a few schools like Medical Schools to help oversee what students get elected to participate in the entry level programs in not only Australia but in Ireland and the UK as well. It’s given to students about twice a year, March and September. For international students, please contact your school of choice about their entry requirements, if you are required to have a GAMSAT score to apply to a course, then you’re eligible to sit GAMSAT.

Where can I take a GAMSAT Test?

GAMSAT have specific locations around the world to help students achieve their goals, in  March, Australia has Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to name a few, Ireland has Cork, Dublin, Limerick, while the UK has Liverpool and London, in September the cities could change, for example Ireland in September only has Dublin with GAMSAT tests
available, losing Cork and Limerick, which will create a dent in how many students apply. If you live on the other side of the world don’t fret there are options for you too, with Singapore, Washington D.C. and Wellington in New Zealand all offering GAMSATs in March, in September it’s only Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv in Israel that offer it.

Are the GAMSAT Tests available online?

Unfortunately no, all GAMSAT tests need to be taken at any of the physical locations mentioned above in order to be graded. You can register for it online, that’s not an issue. You also can sit the GAMSAT test as many times as you want, as long as the eligibility
requirements are met.

How can I prepare myself for GAMSAT?

You have a variety of options, firstly, if you follow the official website, they have tips for you to read and consider, including the structure of the test, what comes on it and the
equivalent to its level of knowledge. Usually there are three sections to every GAMSAT, the first is about Humanities and Social Sciences, the second is about Written  communication, and the third is about Biological and Physical Sciences. For section 1 and

2 it would be wise to read a broad variety of literature, like poems, documentaries, periodicals, articles, etc. GAMSAT usually tries to lay traps in easily misunderstood
questions, so having a great capacity to read and understand what the text says
is an invaluable skill to have, it’s also equally important to create opinions
and judgements that you can then use to write beautiful pieces for section 2. Section

3 is often known as the “fail section” since most students completely blank out
in this part, most people say that the GAMSAT preparation materials are good
quality and help a lot, but we have a better option.


So now you’re aware of what a GAMSAT test is, where you can take one, if you can take and how to get ready for it, with completely working solutions to all the questions, and people that are always on the ready to give you feedback on your practice test, this is by far
not just the easiest and simplest way to practice, but also the cheapest. The sooner you start practicing the better, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

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